Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nice to Finally Meet You!!

As some of you know I have been doing some research on my family. I got on and started my family tree. I have talked to family members and gotten pictures, stories and names to help me in my quest. But we never really could find much on my dad's father's side of the family. His name was Horace Jewell Nevels. Horace and my grandmother divorced when my dad was very young. My grandmother doesn't / won't talk about him so information has been few and far between. My dad remembers when his dad left and he remembers his grandfather and seeing his dad once when he was around 13.

I found out after I was married that my Sunday School Teacher was in fact a cousin and knew my grandfather well. Before she passed away she did give me some photos of my grandfather and his parents. For that I am grateful!!!!!

Now here is where my story gets interesting...Last month I received an email from a lady saying that she thought her mom and my dad were brother and sister. WOW!!!! She and I started talking and I connected her with my mom on Facebook. Now we have all been visiting and sure enough it's true! My dad has a sister that he never knew about. Her name is Gloria. She is older than my dad and she never knew her father either. In fact my grandfather went to the pen and her mother divorced him and never told him she was prego. So Gloria and dad have both grown up not knowing their father. However I must say both of them did grow up with wonderful men in their lives that were a father figure.

So last weekend my dad and Gloria finally met!! It was just my mom and dad with her and her husband and daughter. The meeting went well and they had lots to talk about. My mom said there so many similarities between the two of them. I can't wait till next month when she comes down so I can meet her!!!! And she will get to meet my dad's other sisters and brother by his mom. It's nice to finally meet you!!!


AlexSuffer said...

Great post

GW said...

Was Horace buried in the Carthage area in the same cemetery as his parents?