Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quick Catch up!!!

Where have we been? Well we have been so busy with end of the school year stuff and then on to baseball and church camp and now things are starting to slow down... I am so glad, I am starting to tired!!! But the end of the school year was great! Tyler and Taylor both got a lot of adwards.. Tyler got Straight A's and then he got a thropy for having straight A's since 1st grade. Taylor got A - B Honor Roll and I was so proud of both of them!!!

Then we had end of the year parties and for Tyler's class we got all of the 4th grade classes together and did our version of "Are you smarter than a 4th grader" then they went out side for a tail gate party... We got the radio station to come by and the Cheerleaders to come. The kids had so much fun.

For Taylor's party we did a game show style party too. We would ask questions and do fun, messy stunts.... They were too young for it, because they didn't like getting dirty!!!

(I can't find my pic's of this)

Then Tyler went to Church Camp! And Blake went as a sponsor! They had so much fun and next year mom is going too!!!!

The day they got back from camp we headed to Fayetteville to have a 4th of July get together with my family and to see Blake's family!!! I really enjoyed seeing everyone and getting to see my girls!!!

Maybe it won't be so long between posts next time!!!!