Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lots of Fun here!!!!

Just call our house the fun house!! We are having so much fun with the boys... Tyler is starting to show his independence. Most of the time it comes out just fine, but other...OMG!!! That's all I can say.... however this weekend was our first weekend home in a while and the kids begged for a sleepover. Of course I gave in, I just couldn't say no when they've been soooo good!! So after school Tyler and Taylor's friends came over. They were brothers too. And we ate pizza and popcorn and stayed up really late watching movies, and playing on the computer. (I wouldn't let them on the computer without me watching....) They had the music going and found the video button and made a video!! It was too funny watching Tyler and his friend Tristen make this video. They were so excited about it and wanted me to upload it to facebook.... I would never have done that when I was there age... Taylor and his friend Hayden (Tristen's brother) stayed up and played video games all night. I finally put them all to bed at 2:30 am!! I am way TOO OLD to stay up that late!! And Furthermore, get up at 8 am... can you say still recouping? Anyway enjoy the video, I sure did!!

(NOTE: You may need to pause it and let it buffer so it will play without skipping)

Monday, November 16, 2009

First Deer!!

OH My I now have a killer on my hands!!! LOL!! Tyler has been hunting the last few years and was not able to get a shot at anything, but that all changed this year....He was invited to hunt with my Great Uncle, his Great Great Uncle at the deer camp that I grew up in. This place is a very special place to me and I loved going back and getting share such a beautiful place with my kids and husband. Uncle Gary took Tyler out Saturday morning (opening day) and they saw 8 deer. Tyler shot twice and missed... At first we thought it was him not putting the target on the deer, but after missing three Saturday night and two more on Sunday we knew the scope was off. Tyler never gave up, he never got down on himself. So Blake met a friend of ours that went to our house and got Blake's guns and Tyler and him went back on the stand Sunday night... they were there only an hour and I got the picture text.... FIRST DEER!! Wow what a smile, what excitement. Taylor and I were waiting on them at the camp when they pulled up with her. Tyler's hands were covered in blood and his adrenaline was working overtime. After the rest of the camp got back we cleaned her and cut her up. Tyler was right there watching and helping as Kelly and Blake cleaned her. We are so proud of Tyler and thankful for such a great family that allowed us to come be apart of opening weekend. This has truly been a great weekend!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pro Golf here we come!!!

So Taylor has been taking golf lessons with the First Tee. Things are going great!!! He loves golf and he is pretty good!! ( Can someone say Scholarship!!!) But the First Tee of Texarkana brought PGA Pro Golfer David Toms to New Haven for a golf Clinic. Taylor was so excited to meet a real golfer. He was a little disappointed that it was Tiger Woods, but when he found out that David played with Tiger, then all was good. David showed the kids how to drive the ball and talked to them about tournaments and stuff. I am so glad to be apart of such a great organization. Thanks Texarkana First Tee!!!
Here are a few pictures that we took.... the first one is a sunset picture that Taylor took. I thought it was pretty....