Monday, October 26, 2009

House Remodel

So for the last few weeks I have been posting to my Facebook about the house remodel. This is for my Grandmother. (My dad's mother). She is 82 years old and lives in Kingsland, AR. The house she is living in is not fit for anyone. She has leaks in the ceilings and mold growing in all three bedrooms. The floor is also falling in. So when her brother, Bill Miller, passed away, her niece allowed her to move in the house he was living in located in Fordyce if she fixed it up. So that is what we are doing...fixing it up. You can tell from the pictures that it was in bad shape before we got to it. And when we thought the end was near, we found out the the house needed to be re-wired. It is a wonder that the house has already burned down. The wires in the attic were already showing some sings of fire. But thanks to some great help we were able to get that hazard taken care of. We still have to lay the carpet and touch up some of the paint, but I hope to get her moved in the house this coming weekend. So stay tuned to see the finished product.

Also sorry the pictures are not all the right size.....