Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to School

Back to School... that is usually a happy time for most parents! Well not so much for me. I was ready for the kids to start back but I had mixed feelings as well. But this is how our year has started off.....sorry I wrote a book but I had to get it out!!

Taylor started the second grade. He is doing great! We got a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Watson. He is so excited to be the only Campell on campus now. He has adjusted well with the new grade. I don't have much to write about Taylor going back to school because it has been so easy and gone so well. He is loving it and he said he made a 100 on his test this Friday!!! Way to go Taylor!!!

Now to Tyler.... this has not gone well for us. If you are my friend on Facebook then you've seen my updates about our hard time. So I want to fill everyone in.
Tyler started the 5th grade this year and that means he is at the Middle School this year (5th and 6th only). None of us knew what to expect but at the Middle School so it was new to all of us.
We went to meet the teacher and he got on the two man team instead of the 4 man team, which means that he will only change classes twice instead of 4 times. At first I was not liking that but it turns out it was for the best. (Less change) And his homeroom teacher taught in Japan for 9 years and then a few years in Atlanta, Georgia. So she has experience. His other teacher has taught in the district for years and she is great also. But this is where things take a turn for the worse.

On the second day of school, I brought Tyler lunch....I was met in the hall by his teacher telling me that she didn't think I was suppose to be here. That Tyler was upset and in the restroom. She was going to check on him and would be right back. I thought that Tyler might be too embarrassed to have his mom there so I offered to leave his lunch. She said "no I don't think you can be here!" What are you serious??? Yes she went to ask the principle if it was ok for parents to come to lunch and bring outside food. And it is! So we got that straight but Tyler was so upset that he cried all through lunch and didn't eat. The teacher told the class that their parents couldn't come have lunch with them..... BIG MESS!!! Anyway Tyler begged me to take him home. He didn't want to be there anymore. I made him stay and called a parent / teacher / principle meeting that day. We got some things straight and we left feeling really good about the school. Then two days later Tyler once again started saying that he didn't want to go back. He started crying before school and didn't stop until we got there. I think he actually went into school crying. But I made him go. Then when I thought everything was going great and I had plan to have a day to myself, I got the call!!! The counselor called to say that Tyler was feeling bad because he was teased for being short. Well when I talked to Tyler is was not just the "short thing" a kid in line behind him put his finger on Tyler's neck and made a cutting noise. The kid said "ooh this is a knife and I just cut your head off and it's in the trash". DO WHAT??? DID THAT KID JUST THREATEN MY BABY??? So I called Blake and we both headed to the school. The counselor said that Tyler wasn't upset over that commit so she let it slide. Well no, WE are not letting it slide. We made Tyler tell his teachers and Blake and I waited on the Principle so we could get this taken care of. Once everyone knew what was going on I went back to work hoping for a better day. But I got a call from the Principle that she had talked to the kid and he was just playing. WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS??? The handbooks says that a bully gets 3 days in ISS (in school suspension) for the first offense and as far as the threat that would be a Category 3... which means you are suspended for 10 days. I've had a lot of people tell me that we should press charges but Blake and I are not going to because Tyler has had such a hard time adjusting. So we decided that we would just encourage him and send him back to school on Friday until we can move schools.
So Friday morning I got up and got the kids ready and right when we were walking out, it happened. Tyler threw up!!! So I keep him at home, knowing it was nerves, but just in case it was a bug he wouldn't spread it. But after he found out he wasn't going to school he was fine. No big deal. I figured he needed a day to pull it all together. So we had a great weekend and started our fall ball season. Tyler is doing great!! His bat showed up and his pitching is getting there. He also had a sleepover at a friends house and was looking forward to going back to school and giving it another shot!! (GREAT ATTITUDE)
This morning he got up and got ready but didn't eat much. I didn't think anything about it. Then he asked how do you clean up throw-up?? So I calmly told him and went back to what I was doing. (Thinking that if I didn't make a big deal about it he would get control and move forward) Then as we are putting things in the back-pack it happened again. He missed the potty and threw-up in the floor again! I still made him go to school. Then when we got to Taylor's school Tyler rolled down the window and once again threw-up. I told him that he was going to school and would have to get a hold of himself. He started crying and tried to move from the front seat to the back seat saying "I'm not going!! You can't make me!!" So I told him that he WAS going and that I wouldn't walk him in anymore. So now we are at the school and he got out of the car but tried to hug me. (I knew this would make it worse so I said "No, get out.) He walked in to school with a red face and tears in his eyes.
Well before I could even get to my office I got a call from the nurse that one of the teachers had him in the restroom and he was just throwing-up. I asked her to check on him and IF he were sick then I'd come get him, but I bet it was just nerves. I explained to her what had been going on and she said she'd handle it. I never heard back from the nurse so I called her. She said once he settled down he was fine and she sent him back to class.
I seriously don't know what to do!!! I can't go all year like this. Please pray for us. I feel like I am throwing him into the lions den!! I never expected Tyler to act this way, he's always been pretty tuff!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mini - Vacation

Oh my I am so the bad momma!!!! It was July since my last post!!! Well here is our vacation and I'll tell you about school a little later when I'm not so mad!!!
We decided go to Branson for a mini-Vacation before school started. The kids had so much fun!!! They went up early Friday morning with my parents. Poor Taylor kept asking, "Are my parents coming?", "I want to wait on my parents." "Are they any closer?" Bless his heart he was so scared that we wouldn't show up. But they stooped at the Buffalo River on the way up which the kids loved!!! Then they checked in the hotel! They were so excited that the hotel had a water park in it. But Blake and I met them that night at Silver Dollar City. They were so excited about all the rides and attraction. The next day we went back to Silver Dollar City and spent the whole day. Taylor was scared of every ride. We would get him on the ride and he would say..."I don't think I want to ride this, can I get off?" I would say "No, trust me!" So he would ride it and then tell me "I want to do it again!!!" The whole day went like that.
Tyler on the other hand wasn't scared of anything!! He was enjoying getting to call the shots!! (So he thought).
After the fun day at SDC we went back to the hotel and played at the water park. Taylor did the same thing at the water park that he did at SDC. I'm scared....I want to do it again!! Need less to say they both slept so good that night!!!
Then on Sunday we went to the Titanic. That was so very cool! Tyler just loved it! He said it was the best part of the weekend. But the best part of the weekend was seeing my kids having fun and getting to share that with my parents.