Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Meet Boo.

With Halloween on Friday, the boys wanted to carve a pumpkin. So last week we bought a pumpkin and the pattern kit. I had not ever carved a pumpkin by myself. Blake was sick and my mom has always been the one to help. Well mom didn't feel like getting out so I had decided that I could carve a pumpkin without help. After all I am "MOM", right? Wrong, I didn't have any of my tools, they were all at me-me's and paw-pa's. So Me-me brought them out to us and helped carve our pumpkin. Thank you me-me for always being there for us. We love you.

How did we fit it all in?

After decorating the houses Saturday Morning we hurried off to Fayetteville to tailgate and attend the razorback game. We sat up our tent, grilled burgers and played football until game time. The boys really enjoyed playing football with the kids next to us. And when it was time to go into the gates they had the biggest smiles on their faces. This was only the 2nd game that Taylor attended. He really got into it by calling the hogs and yelling for our team. We made some friends with the people above us and Taylor flirted so much that he even talked a little Spanish to one of the girls. (And she actually understood him) It was definitely an exciting game.
After the game was over we went back to the hotel and tried to get a good nights rest before heading back to Texarkana. The boys had a birthday party at 2 for their friend Ethan. Ethan had the coolest party at the Darkslide Indoor Skate Park. This was our first trip to the Darkslide and the kids weren't the only ones having a great time. I think the parents had just as much fun as the kids. (Now we want Skateboards for Christmas)I have uploaded a few pictures of our fun weekend.

Did he really say that?????

Well as most of you know Taylor says whatever comes to his little precious head. I can always count on him to embarrass me or leave me rolling, but today he takes the cake. This is drug free week at school and his class was talking about different kinds of drugs. Of course anyone that has kids have heard the "you do drugs" if you have ever had a drink or smoked. Last year Taylor tells his teacher that his daddy does drugs because he drinks beer. He also told the class that our best friend and his best friend's dad "Coach Tony" does drugs. Well that was no big deal. Everyone at the school knows us and they knew that we do not do drugs and we are not Alcoholic . But this year, Taylor tops himself once again. Mind you that Taylor has the same teacher this year as he did last year.

This is what his teacher said happened....

Taylor - "My dad does drugs. He drinks beer. He let me and my brother try beer and I liked it"

Mrs. Barr - (Thank goodness she knows us) "Taylor did you know that you have to be 21 to drink beer?" "Do you know why you have to be 21 to drink beer?"

Taylor - "No, why"

Mrs. Barr - "Because beer makes you stop growing and you won't be finished growing until your 21. So you shouldn't drink beer until your 21."

Taylor - (looking up at her with this serious face) "Well then, I guess I'll be a midget"

Now you know I would never allow my kids to drink beer and further more Blake doesn't drink beer very often, especially around the kids. But Taylor seems to think otherwise. So be careful little eyes what you see......

Monday, October 27, 2008

Scarry Houses...

Saturday morning we went to the Silver Spoon for (as Taylor calls it) "Cooking Class" to decorate haunted houses. The kids had so much fun. Then each got their own ginger bread house and lots of candy to decorate it with. We are so glad that Mrs. Donna had this class for the kiddos. This was a day the kids will never forget. Now their houses will be used for holloween at our house every year.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Closing the pool...

Last week we finally closed the pool. We had not been able to do much to it since the hurricanes and by now the water was about 72 degrees. So Blake put on his waders and jumped in. (So redneck) We vacuumed all the algae out and put the cover on. The pool is closed for the winter.