Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

That's right 11 years of marriage!! Blake and I celebrated 11 years this past Saturday (9/27). Since we had ball games Saturday & Sunday we went out Friday night. But before that I decided to surprise Blake by swiping his truck and taking it to get a Razorback on the back glass. After getting the Hog on the back glass my mom and I thought we would clean up his truck, because it was really dirty! In the process my mom took the only set of keys out of the ignition and put them in the cup holder. Can you guess what happened next?? That's right we were wiping down the inside and hit the lock button. So now I had to call Blake and he had to go to the dealership and get a new key. So I didn't get to surprise him at work like I had wanted to. Anyway he loved it!! We then went to dinner at Pier 27. (That is where we went to eat on the night we got married) We seem to always go there on our anniversary. At dinner Blake game me a diamond cross necklace. I posted pictures below. Enjoy....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Taylor's School Project

As if I weren't tired enough after working the wedding.... Taylor had a school project that he and paw-paw were supposed to have done Saturday. Well we started Sunday Morning. And yes the project was due Monday. Nevertheless we got it done.

Project: to research homes/shelter around the world & build a home/shelter

Well Taylor insisted on building a house that looked just like ours. He was not interested in even considering a home from another country. So we built our house! Paw -Paw made the house from cardboard and Taylor and "I" painted and decorated it. I know you can't tell from the pictures but we drew bricks all over the house. We used spray adhesive and rubbed green styrofoam together for the grass. And the shingles are glitter foam that we cut into strips and then cut tiles in it. So in person it looks real!

This project started around 8 or 9 in the morning and I finished around 10 pm. Regardless of how long it took the important thing is that 1) we finished the project & 2) I didn't pull my hair out or Taylor's!!!!! :)

Can you count this as work?

This week has been so crazy! I would pick up the boys from school and go the the Spoon to work. Mrs. Donna had several projects for us to do and not enough time to do it in. It was really crazy Thursday! After taking the boys to the fair, Tyler and Taylor were both sick. This was the wrong time for either of them to be sick, but it happened. So I was at home with them during the day and at night they stayed with my dad for me to work. Thursday Night we had a rehearsal dinner at the spoon, Friday we had to prepare for this HUGE Wedding. I know I worked 20 to 25 hours this week at the spoon. But it was a lot of fun. The wedding was great, even if they did change the order of events! We pulled it off and everyone had a great time. This was also my friend Joni's first wedding to work. So I asked her what she thought after it was all over and her commit was "My feet hurt". It was also Blake's first time to work with us and he got a good look at the hard work we do. (He'll never admit that he was tired) And to top it all off my mom and Julie left Fayettville during the 3rd quarter and made it back in time to help. But since they weren't dressed they got kitchen duty. (That worked out well, because the kitchen was run smoothly) All and all we had a good time!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun at the Fair

Last night we took the kids to the fair and rodeo. They had such a good time. Our friend Connor and his dad came with us. We bought the kids a bracelet that allowed them to ride all the rides as many times as they wanted. It was cheaper than buying tickets at a $1 each and each ride taking 3 to 5 tickets. Anyway the kids rode almost every ride, until Tyler got sick. Not from the rides but from allergies. He started coughing in the rodeo so we decided to go back to the mid-way. Once on the mid-way he started coughing and couldn't stop. Then he was trying to throw up. As we walked out of the fair I couldn't help but worry that I had passed on my allergies and wondering if he to could start having allergy attacks with his throat swelling. It turns out that it was just drainage and after medicine and being up all night he finally went to sleep around 4 am. So he not only got to go to the fair but he is still asleep at 9:30 am. But it was all worth seeing the kiddo's having such a great time.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Boys will be Boys...

You know the old saying boys will be boys? Well my boys are no exception. This weekend Tyler had 2 of his friends spend the night. We decided to rent movies and get pizza. We all loaded up in Blake's Truck and went to town. The boys insisted on turning up the music and dancing in the truck. We had so much fun!!! The next day the boys found a mud hole that they played in until Blake made them come in. I was at work and missed all the fun.

When I got home we took the kids home and prepared for Ike to hit our area. It was a very scary night with all the wind and rain. But we made it through the night safely. Some of our friends lost power so they spent Sunday at our house. And guess what the boys did? That's right played in the mud. I didn't mind them getting all dirty, that's what boys are supposed to do. I did not like it when I found out they were swimming and playing in the Bayou. Blake soon got them out and we hosed them off on the back porch. I know that this will be a weekend that they will never forget.

Tyler's friends that spent the night.

They boys after playing in the mud...

Our front yard...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Turning 30.....

Ok so I haven't uploaded any pictures of Tyler's Birthday, I guess you can blame it on my age. (HA! HA!) That's right I turned 30. I thought I'd be more depressed but it's not so bad. The worse thing was my allergies were acting up, because we spent all day at the ball park with the boys. Taylor moved up from T-ball to Machine Pitch and Tyler moved up from Machine Pitch to Kid Pitch, but that's another story. Anyway I got sick Saturday and took a lot of medicine and finally got over it Med day Sunday. My mom called me Sunday morning and took me shopping. We went all over Texarkana and ended up back at the first store we went to, the Furniture Store. She bought me an ottoman for my living room. Then she took me to my best friend's house where she, Blake and Amy decided to throw me a surprise party. I hate surprise parties and they all knew it. But I was smart enough to figure it out, so I wasn't so surprised. I know they loved me enough to go out of their way to make me feel special. I have the best family (that includes Amy's Family & Misty's Family) in the world. So turning 30 is no so bad if you share it with the one's you love.

Also a BIG THANKS goes to my new "cousin Donna" and Mr. Larry and Connor for coming and bringing the cake. "Italian Cream Cake" it was to die for!!!

Thanks guys.....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tyler's Birthday

Well, it's official I am now old. Tyler tuned 9 today and I can't believe that I have a 4th grader. Since Tyler and Taylor are playing fall ball and we practice on Tues. & Thurs., we had his party on Wed. Tyler didn't want a big party. He just wanted a few friends (7) to go bowling. Hey I'm easy, that was just fine by me. But the bowling alley has league bowlers on Wed. It would be expensive and we would have had to go to a second location to have pizza and cake (Pizza that I can afford, that is) We weren't going to do the Birthday Party thing there b/c you can only do that on Friday-Sunday.

So as Me-Me, Dad and I were walking down the mall, looking for his gift, we had a great idea! We would go to Star-lite golf. It was a indoor miniature golf place that used black lights and glowing paint. It was really cool and we were the only ones there on Wed. night. Tyler had a great time. His cake was so cool & yummy. But what could you say, Mrs. Donna made it and she is the best!!! And out of all the presents Me-me's was the best. She gave him a CELL PHONE. Yes that's right my nine year old has a cell phone. He was so excited that he could hardly go to sleep last night. He has been getting his friends phone numbers and calling all the family to give them his digits. Me-me even got a cool face plate that has the St. Louis Cardinals on it. She also gave him a case to carry it in, so maybe he won't lose it. I'll upload some photos later. (I don't have a camera anymore so I have to use my moms)

Also since it was Tyler's birthday on the 4th, Mine on the 7th and mine and Blake's anniversary on the 27th, Blake got the present. He got a new to him truck. It's sometimes not fair....