Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

What does Mother's Day mean to you? Well to me it means that I am blessed!! I have gotten to experience the joys of having a life grow inside me and and that I know what it means to love someone unconditionally. Being a mom is a special privilege. I know that my children have been in-trusted to me by God. It is my responsibility to raise them in a way that is pleasing to my Lord. I am to provide for them and love them and nurture them. No one ever said it was going to be easy. Sometimes it's the hardest thing I've ever done. However I wouldn't trade it for a minute. I love my boys so much and am so blessed with them in my life.

However on this Mother's Day we woke up to our freezer door being left open over night and all my food had thawed out. So I started cooking! I cooked 10 packages of sausage and about 10 packages of bacon. I fixed a ham and two deer shoulders. I also had to cook all the fresh corn and peas. Then I had to grill 6 packages of Hot Dogs....and still have 3 more to grill. So I started cooking at 10:30 and finished at 7:30. So with all this food, I had my parents and Grandmother and Blake's Mom over for dinner. I am so thankful for my mother and mother in law. They are such strong and beautiful women!!

Then today I fixed 5 steaks and a package of chicken. I've cooked enough for an army!!! The good thing is that we didn't loose any food! But believe me, this was not how I'd pictured spending my Mother's Day, but I'm glad that I spent it with my boys!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mom's~~

Field Trip to Dallas

This Friday the 5th Grade GT students went on a field trip to Dallas. They were going to see the World Aquarium and the Dallas Zoo. We were to meet at the school and leave at 6 am. Well we finally got off at 6:15 and the bus driver got lost getting out of Texarkana. I had never driven in Dallas and had only been there a time or two. So I was a nervous wreck. But I borrowed a GPS from a friend and now I'm hooked.... (I want a TomTom touch screen GPS) It was so cool. And since the bus driver didn't know where he was going, I was glad to have it.
When we finally arrived we went to the aquarium first. This place was awesome!! It was in an old warehouse and I could have spent all day there. I've snapped a few pictures of our day there......
This is Taylor playing with a bird....

I thought this was a stuffed animal, but it was a real jaguar.


Inside the tunnel under water... way cool....

This was a waterfall inside the warehouse...

At the zoo we ate lunch and got to see some really cool animals. Below is a tiger that we saw eating. The zoo keeper put out the food and the Tiger had to hunt it!!!!

Love this picture of Haley.... just like a pretty butterfly!!

Taylor shaking hands with the monkey.... (his brother?????) Just kidding!!! :o

All and all it was a great day and I'm so glad I got to spend the day with my boys....

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our newest Addition

I'd like to introduce you to our new addition... Marley! Marley came to us on Thursday night. We woke up Friday to him sleeping on our back porch. This kinda thing happens a lot. People are always dumping their dogs & cats out by the house & they all make it to my house at some point. Usually we give it a day and they leave or we'll call Animals Control. Well I know he's not full blood but he is so good and smart! Blake keeps saying that he has to go but since its almost been a week and the kids have named him....I'm thinking that the kids just got their dog!!! That now makes us a 3 dog family. BTW if anyone wants a lab. I have a friend that has a full blood lab and is thinking about getting rid of her!!!
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Testing out my mobile blog

I am trying out blogging from my phone. We will see how easy this is and how well it comes through. I have attached a picture so I could see how it looks. If it works I might have lots of posts coming in!!
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