Saturday, June 28, 2008

More All Stars...

Well the kids worked a Hamburger Fundraiser last weekend at one of the local banks. We cooked hamburgers and served drinks for $5. The sales were great, but the kids worked the streets and matched the hamburger sales in donations. We ended up raising a total of $1958 for the day. I loved watching the boys run up and say "mo money" as the dumped their bucket of money in the cash box. Of course I left my camera at home, because I had to bring everything else, but my mom got some pictures. Here are just a few, and the guy with Tyler & Taylor is one of the Texarkana Gunslingers (Proball)!! Way to go Texarkana East, we are so proud of all of your hard work.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Little All Star!!

Well after weeks of not knowing and lots of practicing and then came try-outs.... We finally got the call that we have been waiting for, Tyler made All-Stars!! I am so proud of him. Now we are going to be working on fielding and catching pop fly's. Blake and Tyler made plans this weekend to work on baseball. So it looks like we will be spending the Fourth of July Weekend in Searcy, Arkansas. Way to go Tyler

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Way to go A's!!!!

Tyler's baseball team finished the season with a 17 - 3 record and took 2nd place in the division. With that being said the team deserved to be rewared with a party and a big trophy. One of the player's nanny made this awesome cake and together with one other me-me they bought the entire teams trophies. A big thanks to both Me-me and Nanny for all the support and help this year!!!
We had a swimming party at our house and my mom, dad, Blake and I filled up about 500 or more water balloons for an huge water balloon fight. The kids had so much fun. Their first target was of course the coaches. And with this winning team they didn't miss.

Way to go A's!!! We are so proud of you.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Taylor's Sick.

Tyler had his end of the year tournament this weekend and Taylor got sick. On Saturday, Taylor woke up at 5 am. He had spent the night at his me-me's with both ears hurting and he was screaming in pain. So I get up and go over there to give him some Motrin and ear drops.That seemed to help, until it wore off... Now he is hurting really bad, so I called Dr. Burns, the best Dr. in the whole world! We started an antibiotic and thought that he'd get better. But then he woke up on Sunday and wanted to go swimming, b/c we were having the ball team over for their end-of-the-year party, but he couldn't go. His ear was bleeding. Yes blood! His ear drum had busted. So I called Dr. Burns and he told me no swimming and if it was still bleeding on Monday then he needed to see him. Well it was still bleeding so I took him in and while we were waiting on Dr. Burns to come in Taylor got impatient. I tried to tell him to be patient so when I look up this is what he was doing. He said he saw it on TV...

Long Weekend...

On our long Memorial Weekend we were very busy, as always... but we did manage to squeeze in a little fun. On Memorial Day we went to some friends of ours house, Misty & Steve Cook. We had lots of good food, and great fun. Tyler and Taylor played in the pool and our drama queens posed for many pictures. Enjoy!!

Schools Out!!

End of the Year Parties!! Tyler and Taylor had a blast at class parties, here are a few pictures, enjoy...